Sunday, 21 September 2014

Comfy cardigan

This is a pattern from one of my favourite books:-

I have used the yarn that is called for in the pattern and I still had to go down from a 4.25 hook in the pattern to a 3.25 hook to get the right gauge ? I had no idea I was such a loose hooker :) I started with size 38 but ended up doing 35 as it was clear from the first row it was going to hook up way bigger even with the smaller hook. it turns out the pattern does actually pull in a fair bit when you have done multiple rows but and size 35 was still ok especially considering the size of the arms.
Ever noticed how when you read a pattern at night when you are tired it makes no sense then you look at it fresh in the morning after a cup of coffee and it makes perfect sense?? Thought I was going to have to unravel the whole centre arm section but all good.
I adapted the pattern a bit to make the breast panels one pattern repeat wider so it fits over my boobs. Other than that looks like the size is ok.
Can I suggest when you are doing the ribbing that you constantly check the number of stitches because somehow they just disappear. I went from 17 to 13 and I had to unravel a bit to get back to 15 - not unravelling the whole lot that’s for sure takes too long to crochet ribbing again.

The yarn is Blue Sky Blue Alpaca Silk in Amethyst which is lovely to work with. It was slightly scratchy when I tried it on but after blocking came out ok.