Saturday, 1 February 2014

Rainbow African Flower Pillow

Just finished my latest pillow! Just loving the rainbow hues at the moment...

Here are a couple of African Flower motif free patterns on the web:

I used Panda (now Patons) Regal 4 Ply 100% cotton and Clever Country 4 ply cotton (which has some gorgeous bright colours) and a size 3 hook. 

Had a few unravellings and variations along the way. I didn't like the original way I joined the flowers (which was a join as you go method - does not work really well for multi coloured motifs as you can see below) so I pulled them all apart and used another 'invisible' method which I found at a blog called Woolnhook.

I found the edging pattern from a book I have had for a while but haven't used before called The Finer Edge by Kristin Omdahl which you can have a look at here:

This was my inspiration which I also found wandering around crochet blogs:
A shoebox of photographs: keeping my hands busy


  1. Ohhh, this ist sooooo pretty. I really love it! Joyful colours!

  2. Very beautiful pillow. Just love all the color in it. The tassles are a wonderful touch.

  3. I love the colours and the blue lace around the pillow. It´s great

  4. Thank you so much! It is a beautiful pattern and it was a joy to make.