Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wool Hooded Cardigan

Off to Tasmania for a holiday yay! So I thought I had better make some winter woollies for my little man - such fun because we really don't get to wear them up here.

This is a lovely stitch pattern to make and it grows very quickly. I couldn’t buy the Sirdar Eco yarn used in the pattern so I had to substitute with Cleckheaton yarn and the colours are very similar. Had a bit of trouble with the hook size and had to redo it a few times until I settled on size 3.25 hook.

Well a few frogs along the way - must learn to pay closer attention to the pattern and not the tv (Game of Thrones!!!) As it is not as soft a wool as I would have liked I decided to make a lining for it. I had some beautiful royal blue coloured Chinese design silk material which goes quite well.

The pattern is from a lovely book I borrowed from the library - click on the book cover to go to the Amazon link to see more:

I formed the idea about how to do the lining from the website link below:

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